How Kaley managed to take her coaching business from ‘Zero’ to 6 Figures in less than a year by changing her mindset.

Having a strong Mindset is one of the most fundamental instrument required in a 6 figure coaches tool kit. However, a lot of coaches struggle to comprehend what mindset actually means or how to have a mindset for success.

Most coaches believe that reading books and attending seminars will get you that mindset required for success and the more you attend and learn, the better it will be for your mindset. This is a very common trap I see coaches fall into and it was certainly the case for my client Kaley.

She had attended every single coaching seminar out there to enhance her mindset. She had gotten into $70,000 dollars worth of debt attending courses, seminars, enrolling in masterminds, getting ‘mentorship’ and yet, years later, her coaching business was still in exactly the same position only now, she wasn’t making any money, she had no job and she had a one-year old child to take care of by herself. 

Not only that, she had tried most avenues to get clients from Facebook ads, to making videos on youtube, to instagram followings, to regular tweeting every single day.

As a single mother, she was exhausted and the worst part was that she believed in her heart of hearts that she still somehow needed more mindset work in order to succeed! The ‘gurus’ constantly kept telling her that she needed more mindset work and because, she didn’t know any better, she just kept buying the programs.

Kaley well and truly had enough. She decided to book a call with me and she didn’t even know why. She was desperate and at a major loss as to what she needed to do.

After seeing her application I decided to have a conversation with her to talk about her experience.

She broke down on the phone crying.

She was doing everything to make her business a success and yet none of it was working. 

After speaking for a short while, I realised the root of her problem.

She firmly believed that she did not have the mindset to succeed and needed to do more reading and take more courses.

The issue wasn’t learning. Learning is great and is a part of mindset but there are a lot of other things that go with mindset. This is what the majority of coaches will not tell you because they don’t know what they don’t know.

For Kaley to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is Einstein’s definition of Insanity.

What Kaley needed was not more Mindset, she needed to take action on her business, grab the bull by the horns and start creating a predictable system to bring in clients who resonate with her message and want to pay her high ticket for her services.

In her last ditch effort, she came on board with us and Kaley went from losing $25,000 per month to making $25,000 within 3 months.

She did this by taking action on her business. Got around other successful 6 and 7 figure coaches and just followed exactly what they said.

She was not confused anymore about her business and she is very quickly becoming a 7 figure coach.

The point of this story is that all the mindset courses, seminars will only get you so far. I know a lot of coaches who take this to heart and spend YEARS doing everything that will fix their mindset and their business is no better. What coaches don’t realise that taking massive action is also a part of mindset. 

Creating a successful coaching business is simple. Get a niche, find a way to get a predictable clients coming in per month and give the best coaching to these clients.

Simple, Yes. Easy? Not a chance.

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