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“I’ve tried everything! I’ve invested in all the software, technology and mentors, so I don’t understand why I’m not seeing any success. Am I not good enough?” – Jane Doe

Let me share a story of a client who shared such a distaste for the online guru’s but was relentless in her search for success through coaching.

Jane is an Ivy league trained physician, medical researcher, author, and international speaker. Based in New York, on paper she stands as a reputable and established individual. She had a strong calling to wanting to help other entrepreneurs who struggle with mental blockages of mindset through spiritual healing.

She came to us confused. With an email list of over 2000, and a high net-worth network. Considering the extensiveness of her credentials, like many other coaches, she struggled to understand why she was not winning the trust of entrepreneurs outside of her network. She had used facebook ads with no success. Invested in a data analytics company to conduct preliminary research on her niche. Joined 2 coaching programs that promised the world. Hired a virtual assistant, a technical assistant (to build and maintain her website and webinar) and marketing specialist. 

She recites : “They promised a unicorn, but delivered a donkey.”

Total investment to date : 26.5K USD.

Our team got to work of understanding her case, by conducting a large-scale market research using our own proprietary technology (custom built) and third-party solutions. We found there are over 1.2 million mindset coaches and over 50 thousand spiritual healers internationally. At least 73% of the market had some degree of certification either through a NLP training course, ICF (or equivalent) life coaching certification and/or traditional post secondary education.

Presenting this information to Jane, she was overwhelmed.

The truth is, like many other coaches fail to recognize – certifications and education does not translate to a quantitative competitive edge in the market.

We educated Jane on these certification courses with these following points:

– Credentials are a great asset, given the path one wants to take.

Example 1: If you desire of being a well respected doctor. Then getting your PHD at an Ivy league school as a physician, could win some merit when seeking a job at a hospital.

Example 2 : If you aspire to be an international top chef. Undergoing training and education at Le Cordon Bleu could give you a competitive edge, when applying for a position at 3 Michelin star restaurants.

This brings up a couple questions :

Using Example 1 : Now let’s imagine you had a heart surgery that needed to be done NOW. When you’re being rolled into the operations room, would you put a halt to the surgery simply because the surgeon didn’t study at Harvard? Do you even care at that point?

Using Example 2 : When considering a restaurant to eat at, do you walk into the restaurant’s kitchen, and ask the chefs where they went for their culinary training before ordering your food? I challenge the general population to answer anything but no. 99 out of 100 people will say ‘I just want a well cooked and prepared meal’

Using these examples, we had asked Jane, whether or not if she now believes these programs, certifications and education faculties translate to winning trust that converts into clients? Her answer : not at all.

So it begs the question, if a coach’s credentials aren’t important to win trust. What is it that the market really cares about? Short answer: results.

People with a problem, want a solution. They don’t care how you’re going to do it ( the process ). They just want to know that you’re able to solve the problem at its core.

Many coaches we interview here at Sai.Coach for our business accelerator , with absolute conviction, say they have the tools and the capabilities to produce results. Without a single doubt, we believe them. What many coaches fail to see just like Jane, is that from a prospect’s standpoint – is this certainty being delivered?

Approach : To win market share is to bring the market value.

Our team started doing our in depth research into what entrepreneurs really struggled with. We found that entrepreneurs, particularly in the start-up phase, when encountering colossal losses or a bad decision making, have a much higher probability to spiral into depression. As a result, these same entrepreneurs would consider and eventually shut down their businesses and distance themselves from family and friends.

Problem was, we found the market is saturated with coaches who specialize in the realm of entrepreneur’s mindset.

Our breakthrough came in a golden moment of realization : not many of them were addressing depression.

We found our positioning in the market.

Intuitively, if you know what the market is missing, the next step would be to provide a solution. So we helped Jane develop a program to address this issue, that would provide a quantitative result for the market.

The next step we took, we’ve found is one of the most common issue coaches fail to understand and execute. Building trust.

We had an audience with a pain. We had the solution of the pain. How did we get this solution to the market? Create a joint venture partnership.

We introduced to Jane, the CEO of an organization with over 13k entrepreneurs and is projected for further growth in the coming years.

Getting the introduction is one step, but how did Jane win the trust of the CEO? Simple (in theory), offered enormous value. She presented the package to the CEO for free. After going through Jane’s 7 week program, the CEO immediately saw the benefits of the offer. Therefore, gaining the trust of the organization’s leader. How quickly after completing the program, do you believe the CEO sent out an email to his followers about Jane’s program?

It wasn’t even a day after the program ended for him, the email was sent.

As a result, Jane now has a business that brings her consistent clients who value what she does.

Total cost having a filled practice? 10 hours on Skype over 2 months.

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I love quotes. I have a whole wall in my office with over 100+ quotes printed and framed. I’ll share a quote that came to mind while writing this article: 

“You don’t need everybody to love you… just a few good people.”

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